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Welcome to QUOROM, the on-line conference on oxide electronics

QUOROM (Quantum Oxide Research Online Meeting) aims to bring together scientists from the fields of oxide electronics, multiferroics, spintronics and quantum materials in an all-virtual event.

The ninth edition will take place on June 22nd 2023.

We will have invited and contributed talks, and a poster session. We will keep you updated about the program.

Invited Speakers

-Ferroelectricity and Multiferroicity-
Salia Cherifi-Hertel (IPCMS Strasbourg, France)
Pavlo Zubko (UC London, UK)

-Oxides Interface Physics-
Tamalika Banerjee (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Marco Salluzzo (CNR SPIN Naples, Italy)

-Electronic and Orbital Structure-
Antia Sanchez Botana (Arizona State University, USA)
Daisuke Takegami (Max Planck Dresden, Germany)

Please register to receive updates in due course. You can also contact us at